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Tacy's Challenges

On Top of Coaching I like to do a Variety of Challenges,

Some Dumb, Some Fun, but all push my limits!

2023: 12-hr Fun Run

Tacy's 12-hr Fun Run is an unofficial Ultramarathon hosted by yours truly! 

After a rough bike accident in early summer'23, I had to lay off the riding

for awhile, so instead, I focused on running, and running LONG. I stumbled

upon a 1-mile loop in downtown Nashville, and my first thought was

"I wonder how many of these I could do in 12 hrs?" and that's how the

challenge was born. The Catch? I only gave myself 5 weeks to train for it,

and 3 of those weeks I was traveling across the country!

Why? I wanted a challenge that would push my limits and test my body.

I wasn't going to be able to ride my bike or access a pool, so I figured that

this would be an interesting and "fun" challenge to pursue!

2024: PR Challenge/ 2:30 Marathon

After my bike accident last year, losing 2 friends, and seeing multiple other friends hospitalized, I've taken a little bit of a step back from triathlon to focus more on running, so for 2024, my goal is going after ALL my old Run Pr's from the 400m dash up to completing my first 100 Miler!

The Chart to the right shows my old PR's (prior to 2024), with additional columns for my baseline PR's (starting 2024) and new PR's. Because my last few years have been primarily Endurance based, and because I haven't actually done many races above a 10k that weren't Triathlons, I'm adding additional goal times for those, because as they stand, they'll be pretty easy to knock out.

The Baseline Goal is a 2:30 Marathon, which tracks to a 1:15 Half-Marathon and 5:43/mi pace. For above Marathon, I am targeting bringing my 12-Hr goal and my 100 Mile goal together! It'll be a doozy, but it's not impossible!  

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