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Tacy's 12-hr Fun Run

Tacy's 12-hr Fun Run.jpg

Tacy's 12-hr Fun Run is an unofficial Ultramarathon hosted by yours truly! 

I will be attempting to do 12-hr run on a 1-mile loop in Centennial park, near downtown Nashville. The Catch? I only have 5 weeks to train for it!

Why? I wanted a challenge that would push my limits and test my body. Also I'll be traveling for 3 of the lead up weeks, meaning I won't have my bike or a pool, and this guy need to exert his energy somehow. So...endless running is the answer!

Follow the Journey!

Meet Zach, a passionate advocate for finding sustainable healthy habits and leading with positive energy. With a deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of a balanced lifestyle, Zach is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals while fostering a mindset of positivity and well-being.


Through his coaching expertise and infectious enthusiasm, Zach guides and supports his clients in developing long-lasting habits that promote physical and mental resilience. Get ready to embrace a healthier and happier you, feel empowered, unlock your full potential and create a life filled with vitality and positivity.

"Happy training, love you all, and get ready for some fun fitness!"


And this is what it looks like to run for 12 Hrs!

Hour-By-Hour Playthrough

Transition from hour 5 to hour 6 is a MUST SEE!

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